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SIB cinema: Before the Flood

Hey! Do you remember the movie about a ship (starting with a T) that sunk to the bottom of the ocean? Well, that same guy – Leonardo DiCaprio – made a documentary in which the consequences of climate change are discussed (and probably will show some more floating icebergs).

In Before the Flood, he travels around the world to talk to experts and other interesting people to find different opinions on what climate change truly means. He leads discussions on how many people are still in the denial phase, also at a regulatory level, which poses big issues and worsens current-day behaviour of individuals, organizations and governments. A must-see and truly relevant movie for everyone!

The movie will be introduced by Dr. Coyan Tromp. She teaches at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the UvA and is an expert in the fields of sustainability, new forms of energy and climate change. She also will be able to put the changes in a broader context. A very interesting speaker you do not want to miss!

Also very important: there will be free popcorn!