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Lecture: The End of the Financial Crisis

On the 12th of June, SIB-Amsterdam organizes a new lecture: The End of the Financial Crisis? – Lessons and a Look at the Future.

In 2007 the Financial Crisis started in the United States and through the global financial system it quickly spread across the world. Since then on multiple occassions we’ve heard pronouncements by national and international authorities that the recession or the crisis is now truly over. Is it? What lessons have we learned? Will our economy be able to resist a new crisis? And what to think about the Euro? SIB-Amsterdam will take a look at this with several experts.

This time the lecture will be in the Muziekzaal, instead of the Theaterzaal.
Free for students, €5 for non-students

[This event will be in English]
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Lecture: The Great Middle Eastern Rivalry: Iran and Saudi Arabia

Since the end of the Second World War it has seemed at times as if politics throughout the Middle East was shaped the conflict in Israel/Palestine. In the previous years we have seen a shift in this. In Iraq, Syria, Yemen and throughout the Gulf, international relations seems to be dominated in the rivalry between the Sunni and the Shia, the Sunni broadly led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Shia led by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With this lecture we would like to take a closer look at the origin of this still ongoing conflict between these two countries. We will take a look at the numerous internal and external factors that perpetuate the conflict and on top of that there will also be a discussion about the various (inter)national consequences of this rivalry. SIB-Amsterdam will take a look at this conflict together with several distinguished speakers.


Paul Aarts teaches at the University of Amsterdam where he specializes in the Middle East and North Africa, Saudi-Arabia and Iran in particular. His most recent pop-science book is Saudi Arabia – A Kingdom in Peril (in Dutch Saoedi-Arabie͏̈ – de revolutie die nog moet komen) together with Carolien Roelants.

Peyman Jafari is an expert of Iran, the country which he once fled together with his parents. He is a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and he has written the book ‘Het andere Iran – van de revolutie tot vandaag’(The Other Iran, from the revolution to today).

The lecture will be held on Monday the 10th of April from 20:00 to 22:00 in CREA Amsterdam and will be in English.

This lecture is free for students, and 5 euros for non-students.

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Lecture: The South China Sea Dispute

[This lecture is in English / Deze lezing is in het Engels]

China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei all claim parts of the South China Sea. They have done so for decades. Yet in recent years tensions are rising. In 2016 an international court in The Hague backed the Philippines, arguing the China had violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights. China boycotted the ruling. So, can the South China Sea dispute be resolved in the future? Or are the concerns that this dispute could turn into a global conflict well founded? And what will happen now that the Trump presidency has begun?

As usual our lectures will enlighten you on this international topic. Interested? Join us on March 6th in CREA at 8pm!

This lecture is free for students and 5 euros for non-students.

There will be a Facebook livestream.

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Lecture: NATO in Europe

From the 6th until the 10th of February SIB-Amsterdam organises its annual Spring Theme Week. During this week SIB organises activities with a cohesive theme. The theme of this year will be ‘NATO in Europe’.
On Monday the 6th of February we will have our first activity: a lecture. The subject is very present, seen the statements Donald Trump has made during his campaign. Trump wasn’t pleased with the allocation of the costs. What will be the future of the NATO in Europe? Various subjects will be discussed, such as security, safety and terroris