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Essay Competition – Conference: Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

The SIB-Amsterdam Conference Committee is pleased to announce an essay competition with the subject Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe. We invite students and young professionals to take part in this competition.


The winner of this competition will have his or her essay published in the online magazines of SIB-Amsterdam and JASON Institute. Your essay will also be translated in Dutch and published in Folia. Furthermore, the winning essay will also be read by Frits Bolkestein to the visitors at the conference. Mr. Bolkestein is a well-known Dutch politician who has been State Secretary of Economic Affairs.


Main theme: Upcoming Nationalism in Contemporary Europe

  • Who benefits from nationalism in a specific country? The leaders, elites, middle class, or the poor? Why? Is this fair?
  • A comparison of nationalism of two or more countries and how it affects their people, economy, etc.
  • What kind of role does the media play in upcoming nationalistic tendencies?

Please choose one of the topics above.

Contest requirements

  • Style: Op-ed style.
  • Length: 600-800 words.
  • English language entries only.
  • One entry per person.

How to enter

Send your entry to conference@sibamsterdam.nl. Please make sure you fill out your contact details so we can reach you about the prize collection.
If you have any questions concerning the competition, please do not hesitate to contact us.