Report: Ebola and its consequences

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Report: Ebola and its consequences

Monday 1st of December, we organized a lecture on Ebola and its consequences. With two speakers in CREA, and with the Dutch ambassador to Ghana in a Skype call, it was bound to be an interesting evening.

The first speaker of the evening was dr. Hans Docter, who is currently in Africa observing the virus. He talked about the current situation in West-Africa. Even though it was a bit difficult to hear what he was saying some times, he gave a detailed description about the virus and his role as ambassador there.

After some questions from the public, the skype call ended and the stage was for our next speaker, a woman from Doctors Without Borders. She spoke in more detail about the organisation and her own experiences in the affected countries. She had only returned three weeks before, so she knew a lot about the current situation and problems as well. She was also quite clear on what should change and what the future of Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea  looked like. Even though she spoke quite softly and calm, she held the attention of everyone with her experiences.

The last speaker of the evening, professor Koos van der Velden, spoke a bit more about the general problems around diseases such as Ebola and the precautions that are organised against such diseases. He showed us how simple diseases like the flu mutate and change every minute and how we can protect ourselves the best against these diseases.

We ended the night with some questions for the speakers. The room might not have been cramped with students on Monday night, it still was a great night filled with interesting speakers!


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