Bibendum Est

In the International Beer Association “Bibendum Est” everything about beer. Pils, buck, amber, abbey, stout, all, lambik, dortmunder, old brown, white and whey beer: there are at least as many beers as the Eskimo’s words for snow. But not all types of beer are drunk everywhere. Every country has its own beer culture.

During the meetings of Bibendum Est, extensive attention is paid to such local beer cultures. The question of how to put this into a broader political and economic situation of the country in question is by no means forgotten. Armed with a rich palette of beer aromas the beer community also aims to stimulate more senses. That membership of the beer company is a total experience, therefore, is anything but a blunt statement. Have you tattooed the words barley, water, hops and yeast on your body? Come join Bibendum Est! An email to might be enough.