Filius Terribilis is the culinary society of SIB-Amsterdam. With us, culinary delights and good wines are central, but mutual bonding and active bubble culture are very important. The society functions as a safety net or base for members of SIB who are affinity with culinary matters. It is a place for cozy cooking and to improve yourself in a culinary way in an informal atmosphere. We are busy with everything about food. Here you can think of etiquette and the origin of food, but we also value you to have a drink.

Filius Terribilis is an active society: every month, two members provide a culinary evening for the society and in addition we have an informal drink or activity. So we meet twice a month. You can also think of 21-dinners, the annual dinner dancer, the introductory celebration and a star-style dinner.

So, do you want to give your SIB a culinary and social character next to a content? Ask? Join? Do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done via