Het Verdrag

‘Het Verdrag’ is the online magazine of SIB-Amsterdam – meaning ‘The Treaty’ in English. Each month, it brings together a mix of serious background articles about international politics and reports on the association. Critical pieces about integration issues or policies in the European Union; interviews with SIB members; the concerns of the board in the board column; and the last gossip and dubious statements, often given by the alcohol of the weekly drink- it all has its place in The Treaty.


The treaty is made by a permanent editors. They are responsible for writing articles, fixed sections and the design. However, the editors are not the only ones who can contribute: each SIB member can submit an article to ’Het Verdrag’. Sometimes the editors themselves approach the members for a contribution, but the reverse can of course also happen. In this way ‘Het Verdag’ is a magazine of and for the whole association.


If you want to contribute, you can always send it to verdrag@sibamsterdam.nl and who knows it may be published.



Chief Editor: Ruben Homan.

Editors: Mehmet Emre Demirkiran and Andrea van den Hooff.