Committee Intellectual Activities (CIA)

The Committee Intellectual Activities (CIA) is the committee within SIB-Amsterdam, which, as the word suggests, organizes intellectual activities. Think of the monthly lectures and debates with an internationally related topic. For example, we had a debate about the rise of IS, a debate on tax evasion by mailbox companies and recently a lecture on the end of the financial crisis.

Continuously we are organising new and interesting activities on an international topic. So, if you want to become active within the association and organise a fun activity on an international topic, then the CIA is the ideal committee for you!

For more information, please send an email to our Commissioner of Internal Affairs.



Chairman: Liza Bex

Committee members: Emre Demirkiran, Patrick Dering and Aileen de Witte.


Recent activities
• Lecture: The Divided Kingdom: Great Britain after the Brexit.
• Lessons: Winter is Coming: GoT through the IR lens.
• Lecture: Confronting Climate Change.
• Lecture: “We do not negotiate with terrorists”.
• Masterclass: Geopolitics in the Arctic Sea.
• Masterclass: Tensions in the South China Sea.