What does the board SIB-Amsterdam do?

The board of SIB-Amsterdam works part-time, so that as a board member you spend an average of 24 hours on your board tasks in a week. As a board member you are present at the various activities such the weekly drinks and monthly lectures. You meet weekly with your fellow board members to discuss the affairs of the association. With good planning, it is possible to get the majority of your credits in your board year.

In the first place you are general board member and secondly, you fulfil a specific function. The specific tasks per board function are described in detail below. In addition to these tasks, there is also room to keep you busy with tasks that are not directly below the job description but you have an affinity.




– Represent the association

– Coordinating board work.

– Prepare and managing the board meetings and General Member Assemblies.

– Internal management of the board, both on professional and personal level.

– Acting as intermediary between the Advisory Board and the Board.

– The national representation within SIB-Netherlands.

– General board member at NGIZ-Netherlands, contact person Dutch Association for the United Nations (NVVN).

– Responsible for the alumni policy.



– Handles contact with members and alumni.

– Manages the administration.

– Maintaining the members and alumni records.

– Sending the weekly newsletter.

– Maintaining the Facebook page.

– Maintaining the website.

– General (mail) contact with interested parties.

– Makes notes during board meetings and General Member Assemblies.



– Administration of financial data.

– Monitoring the budget; Ensuring financial stability.

– Report financially to the board, the Board of Appeal and during General Member Assemblies.

– Making transactions on behalf of SIB-Amsterdam and collecting contributions from members.

– Supporting commissions in their finances.

– Responsible for making realizations for major events.


Commissioner of Internal Affairs:

– Coordinating and supervising the committees and societies.

– Coordinating the board agenda and the year plan of the association.

– Increases interest in and involvement of members in committees and


– Responsible for the in- and outflow of committees.

– Provides communication between committees and the board.

– Preparing and chairing the committee chair meetings and society chair meetings.

– Coordinate and support new initiatives from members.


Commissioner External Affairs and Promotion:

External Affairs:

– Representing the board and association at other the student- and

study associations, such as at the meetings of the AkvV and the ASVA.

– Establishing and maintaining contact with external partners on an organizational basis, such as the UvA and CREA, and with student and study associations such as ISN, SV Cyclades and AEGEE.

– Responsible for acquisition; Such as recruiting and maintaining

with contact with sponsors.

– Searching for and making grant and fund applications for activities of the



– Promote SIB-Amsterdam among students and students organizations by developing promotional policies, including through social media, and coordinating its implementation.

– Coordinate and support committees in the promotion of SIB activities.

– Coordinating the introduction weeks.

– Managing the Twitter account


Commissioner of Professional Affairs:

– Explore and deepen contacts in the field of International Relations.

– In an innovative way, deepen the substantive aspect of the association, with the aim of the making the association attractive for members from different fields of study.

– Support and initiate major events.

– Maintain contact with content partners such as NGIZ-Amsterdam (eg IB-cafe), The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Tertium and Clingendael.

– Tracking the file with speakers

– Responsible for the implementation of ‘Friends of SIB’.

– Management of the LinkedIn page.

– Work in conjunction with the CEA and CIA on the annual agenda. Throughout the year consider the contents and themes of the activities.